About Us

About Us

About IBS

Having a highly successful experience of five years in the construction and building material application, in addition to the impetuous passion for the dynamic building material market and willingness to create and test new materials, Mr. Khalil and Eng. Alfi merged their corporates under one umbrella and created a company called IBS “Integrated Building Solutions”. 

Adding value to the market

IBS focused on adding value to the market, therefore it created a strong team that consists of highly talented and motivated calibers with the ultimate goal of adding value to this market through creating a whole new range of materials.

New Materials

After 2 years of restless efforts, the IBS team came up with a new range of materials that would transform the insulation industry. Materials with a rubber base that would prevent the cancer of paints and they produced a whole range of products that include finishing paintings, transfer paintings, sealer, and putty. 

Penetration of the market

In 2021, IBS reinforced its successful team to penetrate the market and offer a special range of solutions and a unique after-sales experience. In addition to the continuous research and innovation to create new building materials.

Our Mission

As a company operating in a very dynamic field, we consider our mission is to supply products that are only of the highest quality and standard to the advancement and the benefit of all our customers, through cooperation with the top technology providers in the industry. Moreover, we are keen to continuously update our clients with the next cutting-edge building, insulation solutions, and offering a unique after-sales experience.

Our Vision

Technology is the solid foundation for our business, and the industry has witnessed a huge transformation in the past 2 decades due to the high-tech findings. Therefore, our vision is to be recognized as the benchmark for the latest and most advanced building materials solutions in Egypt. We pride ourselves on bringing results that count in everything that we set out to offer the ideal combination of the highest quality products.

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